Get Em Gurls
Board of Directors

Wes Palmer: Tri-founder and brains behind the technical side of Get Em Gurls. Wes growing up was very involved in sports, specifically basketball. He was recently involved with coaching a tri-city basketball Team. Wes currently owns and is the president of Classic Packaging. Wes's Zodiac Sign: LEO, we all know he is king of the jungle.

Joanna Palmer: Tri-founder and the FORCE behind making things happen at Get Em Gurls. Joanna’s coaching and mentoring methods provide skills that go way beyond just sports.  Joanna was also very active in sports as a young girl. Joanna now owns CREATIVE PACKAGING with three retail packaging store locations. Joanna's Zodiac Sign: TAURUS, and  we all know she is not true to form?

Shanel Garofalo-Saunders: Final founder and the inspiration to start Get Em  Gurls.  Shanel is a worker at all levels behind the scenes. She specializes in relating to the girls as she herself still applies many of the goal setting techniques today.  Shanel received an athletic softball scholarship and has played nationally at many world events, next up, 2008 Olympics. Shanel's Zodiac Sign: CANCER, Outer shell can be a bit tough to break but really is an amazing person once you get to know her.

Britt Innes: Our PR genius. Britt really knows how to work magic in a crowd. Britt played very competitive softball with Shanel for many years as children. Britt now has successfully worked her way up in the business world and is the director of marketing and public relations at the Joey’s restaurant group. Zodiac Sign: PISCES, said to make an excellent judge, hmmm which maybe necessary with this dynamic group.

Gurl Facts:

Female high school students, who are physically active, are less likely to smoke, use marijuana, or engage in sexual risk behaviors when compared to inactive peers.