Get Em Gurls

Feature Athlete

Our current feature athlete at Get Em Gurls is Julia Parrot. Julia is 9 years old and has a fabulous outlook on life, a tremendous drive and a character that exemplifies what every athlete aspires to have. She has undergone numerous vigorous events that take all of her physical ability to endure. We at Get Em Gurls would like to recognize Julia for her amazing courage to take on every single challenge that has come her way.

Name: Julia Parrot

Age: 9

Home Town: North Vancouver, BC

Resides: North Vancouver, BC

Sport: Dolls and Dressup

University: Southern Illinois

Favorite Sports Team: Mickey's Team

Favorite Sports Moment: Arrival at Disneyland

Favorite Quote:

Where your sports has taken you: Disneyland


Amazing Experiences: Disneyland

Gurl Facts:

Adolescents who engage regularly in physical activity demonstrate lower anxiety and depression.